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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Here we go again on another James Bond tips: Font Size and Text

Newbies often don't know these simple tactics exist and veterans often forget, but there are times when a couple of keystrokes can turn a potentially frustrating browsing situation into one of enjoyment
Some sites use large readable fonts while others use fonts that are so small one must use a magnifying glass to view it. Instead of adjusting the computer's screen resolution, a few simple keystrokes can increase or reduce the size of the web page fonts. Depressing the keys "Ctrl" and "+" simultaneously increases the web page's font size. Conversely, depressing "Ctrl" and "-" reduces the font size.
Keep in mind however this trick only works on text size. The size of the images remains the same.

On busy websites, it's sometimes difficult to find certain information. It's not that the information is not on the web page; it's just that some web pages either have lots of text or are visually busy thus making it difficult to locate specific information. For example, some education and business websites are guilty of offering so much information about the establishment that it's difficult to locate the mailing address.
A quick way to find the sought after text is to depress the "Ctrl" and "F" keys simultaneously to evoke the "Find" function. Once the Find window is open, insert the keywords or text in the search box and click "Next." The web browser will highlight the search words.To find out more about this, take a peep at this site:

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