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Monday, March 15, 2010

The James Bond tips number two: Drain the cache pal!

 You may not realize it, but your browser surreptitiously gathers each Web page you visit into a cache (a temporary storage area for frequently accessed data) on the hard drive. When you revisit a page that your browser recently added to the cache, the browser displays the cached page rather than download a new copy of the page from its Web server. This decreases your online downtime, allowing you to be more efficient and effective when you use the Web.

After a particularly busy online session, the cache can get quite full and clog up much-needed space on the hard drive. The data in the cache can also become outdated, particularly when you're accessing time-sensitive information such as news headlines or stock quotes. Fortunately, you can improve your Web experiences and make the most of the Web cache by flushing it out regularly.

To empty the cache in Netscape Communicator, click the Preferences command from the Edit menu, open the Advanced category, and highlight the Cache subcategory. Click the Clear Memory Cache and Clear Disk Cache buttons. Users of Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) can empty the cache by opening the Tools menu and selecting the Internet Options command. In the resulting dialog box, select the General page tab and click the Delete Files button.

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